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If your car breaks down, you don't want to wait to get it fixed. You have deadlines to meet and places to go. This is why there are emergency roadside assistance services, willing to go the extra mile to get you out of trouble.

In some cases, your car may just need a jump start to get your vehicle going again; In others, you may need help dealing with an auto lockout. Whatever the situation, our experienced roadside assistance crew will be happy to get you out of trouble. We even provide gas delivery if you forgot to fill up at the gas station.

Those in need of reliable roadside assistance or fuel delivery should contact us at Allstar Towing.


Tire inspections are what keep your tires rolling in the right direction. Problems with this can be quite serious; unbalanced tires tend to suffer a lot more damage, wear unevenly, and make for a bumpy ride.

If you don't take proper care of your tires, you might run into a flat tire while driving around California. However, you don't have to worry that you're stranded because we offer reliable roadside assistance for these cases. Our flat tire service will be prompt to get you to your destination.

You may be low on air or run over something sharp on the roads. Whatever the case is, you have to receive a flat tire service right away! Driving on a flat tire can worsen your car and increase the damages. Just call Allstar Towing and we will deliver outstanding service.


If the battery in your vehicle dies on you, you'll be stuck until it gets started again. Replacing a battery can be a lengthy process for which you may not have the time. Fortunately, you can get a car jump start from a local towing company.

A jump start is when another vehicle goes near the one that is stalled. The driver will then connect cables from the working battery to the inactive one. When the working battery is started, it can jolt or jump-start the inactive battery back to life.

If your battery dies and you need emergency roadside assistance, contact us at Allstar Towing.


Locking yourself out of the car is embarrassing, but it's something that happens to everyone. In these situations, the best thing to do is to stay calm and contact a towing company for lockout service.

Our towing company has dealt with many cases of a child or a pet being locked in a vehicle, and we understand that this sort of thing can be quite scary. Even so, think before you act. Don't try to break any windows; you risk hurting yourself and the person inside if you make the attempt. We can quickly send emergency roadside service to assist you.

Drivers in and around Dinuba, can rest easy knowing that a local tow truck company is just a phone call away. We always make it a point to minimize wait time and provide fast, reliable assistance. Whether you need our lockout service, a jump start, or tows, we'll always be ready and happy to help.

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